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Pentema, which is falls under Torriglia’s municipality, province of the city of Genoa. It is reachable through the SS45 road, by following a road, which gradually overlooks over the Torriglia valley, only to then turn onto the mountains embracing Pentema itself.

Once over the mountains onto Pentema side, the visitor is left with a spectacular scenery which allows him/her to see everything from the sea to the white caps of the Maritime Alps.

Following the road, it is possible to start seeing bits of the Village, Pentema; a bunch of small houses ‘cuddling’ together around the big church, with its bell-tower emerging and pointing towards the sky.

Bend after bend, in caves of trees, the road leads to the village. During the trip and views of the village, it is impossible to neglect the old bridges, stonewalls and houses clustered together in a bunch of architectural ‘madness’.

It is the land of the “Traverso’s” and “Bevilacqua’s” (popular regional surnames); they, with their tough jobs, their hard labour and their brains, have been able to leave behind their presence, joy for life and their humble and genuine happiness.

They have been able to adapt to these lands, by cleverly turning them into hospitable and less cruel places to live. Its descendants too are stubborn, decisive and ready for sacrifices; it takes a lot of hard work to keep life in the village of Pentema as well as its old traditions.

The stranger arriving in Pentema, willing to find kindness and somewhere to stay is welcome to rest and eat in some of the hospitable places the village has to offer.



During the Christmas period there is nothing better than the welcoming GRS (Gruppo Ricreativo Sportivo Pentema), the social gathering venue within Pentema! The GRS has to offer all sorts of things to the hungry and tired traveller who comes to the village; hot sandwiches, hot chocolates with whipped cream; Italian coffee, cold drinks and anything else you might need.

Another great venue, for those who feel a snack just isn’t enough, is the “Al Pettirosso” Inn, flagship of Pentema’s cuisine. 


Le inn is found in the top part of the village and can be reached through either one of the narrow rising streets or the main square, with parking, on top of the village.

Here you’ll be able to taste some of the tasty dishes prepared by chefs and owners Rosa and Salvatore; some of these dishes include the Garlic Pesto Ravioli, Taglierini with Pentema Sauce, and the famous Fried Sweet Milk…provided you are able to make it past the abundant starters! 


It has to be said, Pentema is located in quite an isolated valley, which would suggest staying the night after having spent all day visiting the village. Of course, stopping for some sleep, would give you a chance to continue your experience of Pentema and its unique valley with fresh air walks in the woods and through trails. The “Al Pettirosso” Inn offers comfortable single and double rooms.


– From Genoa: Take the SS45 towards Piacenza and follow signs for Torriglia

– From Milan & Turin: Take the A7 motorway, exit at Busalla, and follow the signs for Montoggio and Torriglia

– From Rome: Take the A12 motorway, exit at Lavagna, and follow the signs for Torriglia

– From Ventimiglia: Take the A12 motorway, exit at Genova Est, follow the signs for Torriglia

– From Piacenza: Take the SS45 towards Genova and follow the signs for Torriglia


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